Product Announcement

Less waste. Less consumption. Same spirit.

Italian footwear brand P448 have launched RE:new, a capsule collection of sneakers made from recycled leather. The project signals the first step the brand are making towards becoming more sustainable. Made with at least 50% natural recycled leather fibre, the production of the RE:new sneaker collection dramatically reduces levels of waste, consumption and energy that go into traditional leather production. Comprised of four unisex sneaker models, the high quality craftsmanship and distinctive style are as present as ever, offering unique sneakers that are highly durable, lightweight and supremely comfortable.

This is RE:new


It’s time to make a change. Introducing RE:new by P448, an exclusive capsule collection made from recycled leather fibre. Featuring four iconic unisex styles, RE:new is our first step towards a more sustainable future.
In an innovative and sustainability-focused process, our RE:new sneakers are made from discarded scrap pieces left over from traditional leather production. The fibres of this leather are combined with synthetic fibres and woven together in a process called ‘water fusion’. After undergoing various finishing phases, including pigmentation, the end result is a single material roll. Re:new unique leather reduces environmental impact by 80% by drastically cutting back on the levels of waste, consumption and energy that goes into traditional leather production.
Through passion, dedication and unrelenting hard-work, P448 is ensuring its signature high-quality craftsmanship remains, creating sneakers that are highly durable, lightweight and supremely comfortable. The eco-sustainable project includes the first dedicated ‘green packaging’, made from recycled materials. The RE:new Capsule Collection is exclusively packaged in an off-white box complete with P448 logo.