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P448 opens its first store in Milan.

A new space in the heart of Brera for the opening of the first mono-brand store.

The sneaker brand P448 is pleased to announce the opening of its first mono-brand boutique in Milan, lo- cated in the heart of the Brera district, aiming to celebrate P448’s vision and identity. The store by the 100% Made in Italy label offers men’s and women’s collections as well as accessories. In terms of styling, it plays with an avant-garde approach, capturing its energy and the idea of street-style.

Four window displays with a surface of over 80 sq. m. cover the corners between the prestigious via Ponte Vetero and via Cusani. The design of the boutique was a result of the collaboration between the world renowned Italian Architecture Studio PiuArch and the P448 creative team- Marco Samorè and Andrea Curti.

When the light goes down, the store radiates a blue glow and appears as a bright blue object interacting with the urban space, getting out of the traditional store concept, conferring new meanings and functions to the space. The urban and industrial identity is predominant in the entrance, with neon art and a double-colored playground floor that welcomes people, evoking the street and urban context as well as the main materials used in producing shoes, rubber.

This multitude of materials and textures creates diverse wefts and patterns of the surfaces that highlight the product contours while keeping a plain and straightforward linearity. The interior design brings out the nature of the products by creating an urban environment, which connects diverse aspects of P448 being both unconventional yet sophisticated, following the free-spirited inner soul of the brand.

 A mix & match of raw materials such as metal, mesh and aluminium, counterposed to iridescent films and shimmering textiles, as well as a statuesque blue marble, create a unique contrast with the eclecticism and modernity of the shoes. This contrast also reflects the experimental usage of materials by the brand. Frosted glass and ultra-dark blue lacquering are used together with the natural light to offer transparency and a looking glass effect, further enhanced by a blue-colored-mirrored multifunctional room that fully expresses the strong identity of the brand at first sight evoking the iconic P448’s electric blue.

“For the first P448 store we have always imagined a unique and special project, which could fully represent the P448 spirit, honouring Milan and the 100% Made in Italy brand’s roots. We wanted to express our personal aesthetic view: an innovative and unconventional store, developed through a strong attention to detail and quality materials. Our passion to mix and match is reflected in the Brera District space. The architecture and mix of materials, such as metal elements combined with iridescent patterns or lights effects, reflect our experimentation concept.” Stated Marco Samorè and Andrea Curti, creative directors and founders of the P448 brand.

P448 Milan Store

Via Ponte Vetero 9, 20121

Mon – Sat 10.30am – 7.30pm