Environmental Promises

Environmental Promises

At P448, we understand that our actions impact the world around us. The fashion industry alone is the second-largest polluter in the world. As a team, we have set goals to continuously take steps towards reducing our environmental footprint in a variety of areas. From our collections to the sourcing of materials and even the paper that goes into each shipment, we’ve analyzed, identified, and acted on several areas for improvement.


For three seasons in a row, we have committed to developing greener collections.

Our first collection, RE:new, is made from recycled leather. RE:new sneakers are made from discarded scrap pieces leftover from traditional leather production. The leather fibers are combined with synthetic fibers and woven together in a process called 'water fusion'. After undergoing various finishing phases, including pigmentation, the result is a single material roll. RE:new unique leather reduces environmental impact by 80% by drastically cutting back on the levels of waste, consumption, and energy that goes into traditional leather production.

Up next, we developed the recycled suede collection. The regenerated suede is achieved using a chrome-free tanning method that reduces the amount of harmful chemicals used during the production process. This eco-sustainable process reduces water consumption by 67%, uses 52% less chemicals, and cuts the CO2 emissions in half compared to standard tanning processes.

Finally, the Vegan collection was created using primarily BioVegan leather material. It is demonstrated that the BioVegan materials are more sustainable in the following categories: use of natural resources and impact on climate change. BioVegan is a cruelty-free material derived from plant-based resources such as bio-polyols obtained from GMO-free corn crops and polyester collected from plastic bottles. The vegan and bio-sourced materials reduce the use of non-renewable resources by approximately 20% in fossil fuels and 44% in energy consumption. It also converts 60% of total waste into energy recovery.

P448 is committed to the use of Italian craftsmanship combined with ecologically friendly materials and sustainable processes. We will continue to develop collections that are better for the planet.

Water Usage

The fashion industry uses a tremendous amount of water. According to a recent Vogue article by Emily Chan, it takes 2,720 liters of water just to make one cotton T-shirt – as much water as a single person would drink over 3 years. Chemicals used in the dying process also pollute our clean water sources. P448’s recycled suede collection uses an eco-sustainable process to reduce water consumption by 67% and uses 52% less chemicals taking our first steps towards preserving water.


The journey of your shipment matters. When you make a purchase, your sneakers head out on a journey through cars, trucks, boats, and sometimes planes – all of which release damaging CO2 into our atmosphere. P448 is excited to share that we are partnered with UPS’s carbon neutral program, which offsets the CO2 emissions of almost all of our shipments. Now you can order guilt-free, we’ve got you (and the planet) covered. For the month of April, we have also decided to take a stand by turning off our expedited shipping. Expedited shipping by plane accounts for the largest release of CO2 emissions and has historically been utilized in 5% of our orders.


With a commitment to environmental action in all aspects of our business, you can now expect all P448 orders to arrive in boxes sourced from 100% recycled materials. All eco-collection orders will ship in our recently patented dustbags, reducing approximately 1kg of waste per order. Additionally, we have removed all packing slips from our shipments to further reduce our paper waste.

Corporate HQ

P448 believes in taking small steps every day towards being better. In our own global showroom located in New York, NY, we have taken the below steps:

  • Banned single-use plastic & plastic water bottles by purchasing metal cutlery for each person and purchased a water filter to provide fresh water.
  • Recycling ALL paper, cardboard boxes, aluminum, and glass that is used in the office. Shut down all power sources at the end of each day (except the refrigerator) to reduce any excess power usage.
  • Send back all printer cartridges to Hewlett-Packard so they can be recycled or reused.