Fifth Avenue

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Fifth Avenue

The goal of our Fifth Avenue pop-up store is to create a fresh and exciting environment that takes the visitor beyond a traditional retail space. A vision that is more aligned to an experience. A celebration of the lifeblood of NYC and the Italian heritage of P448, of street and youth culture. 

A space where the public can experience the P448 brand and this very special moment in time. We’re celebrating the city, bringing the outdoors indoor. A love letter to the aesthetics, creativity, and inspiration born from the most eclectic melting pot in the world – New York City. 

The aim is to create a store interior that is more akin to an art installation filled with instagramable moments and experiences. Anyone is free to pick up a paint marker and leave their mark on dedicated fixtures within our space. Our top priority of this unique opportunity is to create a space where people will come in to hear good music and relax for a bit with a game of Pac-Man or pinball. Guests are welcome and encouraged to stay and hang out as often as they'd like.

The fall launch coincides with several upcoming product drops including P448 Threads, our new apparel collection, Frenkye, our unique upcycled material collection, a Biovegan capsule as well.

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587 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017