Introducing: Ernestophone
The eclectic is more interesting, and our SS22 campaign celebrates just that.

Here, we get up-close and personal with five vibrant members of Ernestophone, the Parisian rag-tag-style university marching band that uses traditional instruments to play contemporary pop, often in flash mob-style.

Aside from bringing infectious tunes all around the city, Ernestophone excels at making music inclusive; the band's proceeds go to ensuring there is always an instrument available for anyone who wants to join their fanfare—even those just learning how to play.

Without further ado, meet the band, and see why their spirit encapsulates everything that P448 stands for.

Orlando Da Costa (@orlando_en_floraison)
Gloria Eijkenaar
Emma Badard
Thibaud Raymond
Adrien Fauste-Gay

Alexandre Bailleul (@ralex31415)
Paola De Perthuis (@pa0laperti)
Thelma Samuel
Maurice Debray
Julien Weibel
Mathis Wuillot
Nicolas Guès
Rose Hirschauer
Louis Grospiron